Ten falls to the ground in pain as electricity rockets down his spine from his implant. “Stupid clone!” the owner says. “We don’t need any more. You’re just wasting tomorrow’s crop.” The owner takes his hand off of the remote control. Ten’s pain stops but leaves him shivering on the ground.

Early scientists hypothesized that the soul of a person resides in the pineal gland. By any measure, that has proven false. But we are not here to discuss the soul, we are here to discuss the higher functions that make a person a person. Attributes like reasoning, long term and short term memory. Ambition, remorse, restraint. Emotions like love, happiness, and anger. And of course knowing the difference between good and evil and having personal accountability.

As you will see, inhibiting the amygdala, the orbitofrontal cortex and the anterior insular cortex regions of the brain with a carefully choreographed methodology is the basis of creating clones that have physical human attributes, but none of the higher brain functions that define a person.

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